Detecting West Australian Gold
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I have an idea

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I have an idea Empty I have an idea

Post by Flouro on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 10:47 am

Hi All,

I'm seriously considering of taking my nuggets out and replanting them ireckon i've got enough to keep us going till we have to stop detecting

I wonder what percentage we would lose and what extra ones we would pick up, especially if we reworked all our old patches

These young guns like Shane-o and all getting 6oz's every time they go out, like where?, no -don't tell me that would spoil all the fun

This season we came across a mad chainer he probably was chaining for a month non stop and for

i saw his chain marks just about every where i went and hardly a dig hole, it's hard enough doing the kilometers without dragging a bloody chain around with you

Kudos to him for effort

Two years ago i found a 12.85 nuggy sunbaking and instantly thought super patch, i got that from B/L who says every time a bit of yellow is found on one of his new leases Super Pit, Super Pit and have spent countless hours searching in grid patterns what felt like half the Station i was working on

Well this year i took out my secret weapon and parked her right on the one piece patch and we started anew, within ten minutes she had her first a 1.5g nugg

Her(secret weapon) has a sore hip this year ,last year was a burser in her her right shoulder so had to pack it in and give it another go in the arvo

10 min. in and bang another nugg 1g, so now we had a line of three nugg pointing to the direction of what supposedly would be the rest of the patch

600m later and only 5 nugg's to show for the run between us, we thought we would have ourselves a new patch

Next day i dropped her(secret weapon) onto the last nugg in the line and from there she found a small patch with 25 nugg's to show for it, the second last nugg in the run was a the whole patch gave up just 1oz in total all very worn

Then another two piece patch and that was it for 7weeks work

Not goldless alltogether but as a few people have said we elliminated those areas and can move on but i.m just about ready to chuck it all in and am pondering doing just that

Cheers, Ron Sherri and Yoda


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I have an idea Empty Re: I have an idea

Post by travelergold on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 12:33 pm

Hey flouro, shane-o has been out detecting where you replanted the last bucket load of nuggets. Sorry to spoil you fun. Glad to hear you are finding some colour.  Very jealous of all you out there. Hopefully with luck health wise we will be getting over there again soon. And leave just a bit for us as well. Very Happy Very Happy


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I have an idea Empty Re: I have an idea

Post by Flouro on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 4:00 pm

Hi Traveller,

The way it's going you better bring your own nuggy's just in case

At least it will give you something to do whilst your here



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I have an idea Empty Re: I have an idea

Post by shane-o on Sun 01 Jul 2018, 12:37 am

Hahahaha flouro good to hear you got onto a good bit of gold. Trick is to just keep covering ground. You must have been out and buried a fair few where I went this time, and they must have multiplied like crazy!!! We don't get 6 ozs every trip mate, this trip would be closer to 8 Wink

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I have an idea Empty Re: I have an idea

Post by Flouro on Sun 01 Jul 2018, 10:27 am

Hi Shane-o,

The last patch we just found was on a known gold line but further out, what is amazing is the direction some gold lines take, it's definitely not in a dead straight line but twists and turns but takes a general heading, sometimes east west ,north easterly or even north westerly  so much ground to cover but when your onto it, it's good times

I also read wamex reports to trace rock chip samples for high au to find an otherwise unknown gold line, not that that has rewarded us yet but keeps us occupied. I was wondering if you could add to my researching methods as it would be good to get a few fresh ideas

Maybe i need to get off the quad bike a bit more often!!!, my latest trick is to chuck the missus on the back of the quad and go looking for runs of jasper which gave us a 2 piece patch last trip out


PS:Found a crystal of jasper last trip, not bright red but more pastel coloured


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I have an idea Empty Re: I have an idea

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