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Post by danowner on Thu 21 Sep 2017, 11:57 pm

So, I'm currently out of work. I don't have much direction in life at the moment, although I am very keen to get into the mining industry. I've applied for some starter roles, although have been rejected countless times due to inexperience. I am very passionate to get into the mining industry, but not sure what role would fit me in the long term. Prospecting really is a passion of mine, but I obviously don't have much experience in that either. I do research the land, and formations of gold etc. But on paper that's counted as nothing. Does anyone know if a 'prospecting' career exists these days? I saw that movie 'Gold', based on a true story in America/ Indonesia. The man character seems to go scout out locations, and basically sift out where gold is and isn't. He does mention that his company is a prospecting company at the start of the movie. Where can I apply to become a professional prospector? I'd love every day of the job if I could be a prospector for the rest of my life, no matter what the weather, I'd be out in the thick and thin outback, looking for that yellow shiny rock in the WA outback. If anyone could shine some light on my future here, and possibly list some certs needed, or even the basics of how to start said company. (Keep in mind) - I am aware that a drilling company is who drills to get core samples, but I'm wanting to be the guy to scout the areas they drill, before they know about them, and possible sell the lease to them etc. Cheers all! I'm sure someone else might find this post helpful if they have the same idea in mind.


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Post by AussieAU on Fri 22 Sep 2017, 7:53 am

I think the job is a Geologist (Geo) for short, they are the ones out in the field getting rock chip samples and soil samples ( loaming) so the shallow drillers know where it do a drill pattern and if its good they send in the big drills and then after that if its still good the diamond drillers and core sample etc There is probably still some good ground out there in WA to get your own lease on, prove it up and sell it on etc, just like Mark Creasy does and make squillions, mind you that you might need squillions to start with to prove up that lease


Wouldn't it be nice!


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