Digging down to bedrock.....

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Digging down to bedrock..... Empty Digging down to bedrock.....

Post by kingswood on Mon 01 May 2017, 7:03 am

Just looking for some ideas :)
We have a prospecting lease in a known gold area. Have found a few old dry blowing heaps....Yesterday, I located 2 dry creeks...both have small patches of bare bedrock where I assume the old guys took off the overburden down to bedrock to see what was there :)
One patch is close to a large dry heap...the other patch of exposed bedrock is in the upper part of an old creek that runs down hill, so it looks like they were testing the upper creek only. The hill is littered with ironstone and discoloured quartz.
Now, I have detected along the creeks and found some lead and other bits of metal scrap...But, I am wondering if it would actually be worth digging down in a few spots further down the creek to bedrock, to see if any gold is actually further away (and deeper!) than the area the old timers dug??


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Digging down to bedrock..... Empty Re: Digging down to bedrock.....

Post by Stingray on Mon 12 Jun 2017, 8:35 pm

Hi Kingswood, that's what prospecting is all about. It's hard to tell from your description but why not have a crack - but what are you going to do when you dig your holes - detect them? If you are just doing that you will need to be lucky. You should do some proper sampling. Have a look at the post on dry blowers I just added.

Good luck.


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