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Post by Bignuggs Sat 20 Jun 2020, 7:05 pm

There was an interesting little article in the latest email from the DMIRS Resource and Environmental Regulation Group.

DMIRS transitioning to a new Geodetic Datum GDA2020
The department is aiming to achieve full compliance for the implementation of the Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 (GDA2020) on 1 October.
The national implementation of GDA2020 is necessary to account for Australia’s tectonic movement of about seven centimetres north east each year. Since the year 2000, Australia has moved approximately 1.8 metres towards Indonesia, requiring the coordinate reference system to be changed.

So for all the mathematic wiz kids out there, how long will it take before the mainland of Australia hits the Indonesian Islands
And when will Kalgoorlie, coordinates wize, be under water in the Southern Ocean

Very Happy:D  lweg  Trivia Time 1632602647

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