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The Night Sky

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The Night Sky Empty The Night Sky

Post by Pebbles on Sat 11 Apr 2020, 12:05 pm

One of the great spinoffs of this hobby is just being able to kick back and look up at the night sky. Maybe even have a little sip of something too.

Some nights the sky is almost breathtaking with its number of stars and often many falling (shooting?) stars.

I remember one particular night, many years ago, out from Leonora, that I was lucky enough to see a massive shooting star. It was like those pictures of meteorites that we have all seen, with a huge glowing ball and a long tail of sparks. It lasted for several seconds.

As yet I have not had any Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but have seen a couple of things that weren’t easy to explain.



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The Night Sky Empty Re: The Night Sky

Post by Flouro on Sat 11 Apr 2020, 12:39 pm

Hi Col,

If you have a mobile phone you can get an app for the night sky keeps you busy checking it all out

I'm with you on the unexplained sightings like very fast moving lights

The other thing we watch out for is satellites having counting comps and it never stops amazing us from which direction they come and go from

Something to look forward to i spose

Cheers, Ron sherri and Yoda


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