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Windows 10

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Windows 10 - Page 2 Empty Windows 10

Post by toad on Sun 01 Nov 2015, 6:47 pm

First topic message reminder :

The motherboard on my computer died.  Well actually it started to die some time ago when the PCIe slot failed and I had to resort to the onboard video but a week or so ago the USB function gave out completely.  So, $600+ later I have an updated computer using solid state drives (SSD) and 6 core AMD processor.  Now because the new setup will run a 64 bit operating system and I only had 32 bit OS's to hand (Vista and then Windows 8.1 32bit by way of offered free upgrades), the question was, do I get Windows 8, 64 bit or Windows 10, 64 bit?  

After hearing a lot of complaints about Window 10, I was considering just getting W8.1, 64bit.  But after further thought I came to the conclusion that, in any case, I would finally end up having to run Windows 10 as Microsoft usually start to fade out support for the older operating systems forcing you to finally bite the bullet and upgrade.  I bit the bullet with Vista and started using it very soon after its' initial release and although there were a few hiccups with drivers and the like, I quickly got my head around it and it was OK.

So anyway, a clean install of Windows 10 (64bit) and so far, all good.  Runs Citrix Server/Tengraph, Geoview, Geomaps, Google Earth.  OK, it's a little different to Windows 8.1 buy hey?  Google is your friend!

So far I'm quite happy with Windows 10 and haven't got stuck trying to do anything I would have done on Windows 8.1.

Anyone else using it?  Anyone having a problem with it?

P.S.  These SSD's are FAST! My computer cold boots into Windows in under 15 seconds!

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Post by Steady Eddie on Tue 10 Nov 2015, 6:27 am

G'd day Jack - Tar,
Thank's for your comment, re: hatching colours used in branch offices. Much appreciated.


Steady Eddie

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