SDC 2300 - loose coil.

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SDC 2300 - loose coil. Empty SDC 2300 - loose coil.

Post by Nightjar on Tue 23 Oct 2018, 7:49 am

Asked a question on FB regarding the term "loose coil" when swinging the 2300?
Was talking to Boobook and he suggested it may mean leaving the coil loose on the shaft. Boobook you win the Mars bar. Very Happy
Have now got it from the horses mouth, that is exactly what the prospector does.
He rubs the coil over the ground so being loose on the shaft it follows the contours and remains flat on the ground.
He claims to find more gold this way, the down side is the coil cover wears out in 3/4 days. (He makes his own from 50cent plastic buckets from Bunnings and glues them to an original coil cover.

Good luck & safe travels

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SDC 2300 - loose coil. Empty Re: SDC 2300 - loose coil.

Post by Scrubby on Tue 23 Oct 2018, 7:25 pm

G`day Nightjar,
I posted a slightly related post on repairing or replacing coil covers back on the
26 th April `16, it`s on page 5 of the "General Chat & Discussion" Section.
There might be something of interest there or maybe you have seen it before.




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