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New car limp mode Empty New car limp mode

Post by Chiv on Wed 04 Apr 2018, 1:37 pm

Have had a few cars stopped on the side of the road as of late, with limp mode activated. Which I have had alook for them and reset it then of they go to nearest town for repairs. Now I have all the good scan gear from when I had the workshop open so I carry it with me most times, but I have been using one of these[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for the last 5 years on my own ute and other cars and trucks, Make sure you get the blue tooth one and not wifi ( wifi nothing but a head ache), there are free apps for the smart phones and then you can see what the code is or multi codes that the engine/tranny has chucked at you, most time is manifold type pressures that get put up. you check the code and read the description and if it nothing to bad (eg timing belt slip) then a reset of fault code restart engine and make sure the fault light dose not come back on. I have been caught with limp mode and 230km at 40km  is a real killer just for a hiccup in a knock sensor (never ever been back on for that code). These new electronic controlled drivetrains and its all the car components now, are nothing but head aches after a few years, wire chafing is a biggest problem with off the beaten track use vehicles which can throw wonderful faults. End of the day stuck in the bush at least you can read the fault code number and then get advise wether not to keep driving to reset it or not.


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