Missing prospector in Leonora area.

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Missing prospector in Leonora area. - Page 2 Empty Missing prospector in Leonora area.

Post by Wedgetail on Mon 05 Mar 2018, 11:39 am

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News Alert!!

An APLA member and leaseholder has been missing from his camp for the last 36 hours. The Leonora Police have been out there twice and have now called in the SES. The prospector was last seen by his wife and his mate at about 4.00 pm Sunday night when he walked out of camp carrying a camelback pack, an EPIRB, a GPS and an iPad. He knows the area well, owning leases there for about 4 years and is a good bushman. Lot's of speculation but nothing more in facts.

I was helping the member regarding a Mining Warden's court case due tomorrow in Leonora and that's how I found out he was missing. I called him to ensure he was "right to go" and had all the paperwork I'd sent him for tomorrow's court appearance. The guy is unlikely to be simply lost IMO. He had all the right gear with him so it doesn't look good. We all hope for the best.

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Missing prospector in Leonora area. - Page 2 Empty Re: Missing prospector in Leonora area.

Post by Bignuggs on Mon 12 Mar 2018, 8:42 pm

I have to agree with pinpointing a feature so you know where you are.
Relied on someone years ago and their bloody compass.  I started to think I was Indiana Jones hahaha
All we had to do was walk down a track but no, his compass was accurate so he says.  Bugger me, I'm never doing that again. Took an hour more to walk back to camp than is should have done.
So I have some simple rules now.  I won't follow you and I don't expect anyone to follow me.
Sounds a bit stupid saying that but at least I know where  I'm going.  Must be the black tracker in me  Very Happy

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