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Shocking Cue  Empty Shocking Cue

Post by mark409 on Wed 23 Aug 2017, 6:39 pm

Somewhere out of Cue
We head onto this lease to do a bit of detecting that we have permission to be on,come across a pastoral gate that's says fence is electrified.
No worries ,thru the gate ,drive on,about 10mins later find a good spot .
Suit up ,head off ,climb thru a fence about 30 metres from the car.About 10 metres past the fence
Turn the zed on ,Its going crazy pulsing, so I,m thinking batteries are flat ,turn around to head back to the car ,over the fence wham... affraid
Needless to say ,right in the crutch.
and I did,nt find any gold .

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Shocking Cue  Empty Re: Shocking Cue

Post by martinjsto on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 9:12 am

ouch Mark, thats gotta hurt. been zapped myself a few times so I know what it is like. mind you I have found good gold near electric fences using the SDC as I could get a bit closer to it that a GPX.

keep safe out there
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