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Road Conditions WA Empty Road Conditions WA

Post by Blocker on Sat 07 Jan 2017, 2:18 pm

Hi Folks,

My first post, I have enjoyed reading the many posts on this forum over the past few weeks and would like to thank everyone for the contributions they make.

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, so the information posted on here is essential when planning for a trip over to WA.

I will be the west from March for a 3 to 4 month trip/holiday and looking to travel a nice big loop from Perth to Coolgardie/Kalgoorlie to Leonara, Laverton, Leinster, Sandstone, Cue, Mount Magnet then back along the coast from Geraldton to Perth. All the while prospecting/detecting (GPX4500) along the way(Especially east of Leonara and Laverton)(and off Great Central rd.).

My main question is while travelling this route I understand the roads linking these towns will be generally be good to excellent condition, but I would like to ask others: Once off these roads heading out to prospect/detect how essential is a 4WD  V's 2WD vehicle?

On a scale of 1 to 10,    10 being absolutely essential.

I am planning on purchasing a second hand car in Perth for the trip (budget $4k to $6k). I look forward to any replies and thanks in advance.



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Road Conditions WA Empty Re: Road Conditions WA

Post by Dozer on Sat 07 Jan 2017, 4:36 pm

The answer is dependent on the weather. If it rains you will be stuck where you are until the roads/tracks dry out. A 4wd will be able to get moving earlier but and it is a big but, if the road is closed and you damage it, you may be fined for the damage.
If the roads and tracks are dry you should not need a 4wd if you keep to formed and used tracks. Having 4wd available if neede is always a bonus as is the lower range gears that usually are standard on a 4wd. 2nd or 3rd low is a good way to crawl along and check out what you can see.
Leonora and Laverton shires post road conditions on their websites.
Leonora's is here
Some of the bush roads and tracks are heavily corrugated in places and will shake anything loose that isn't securely fastened and some that are.
But most of all do your planning as you already are and have an enjoyable time out here in the wild west.


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Road Conditions WA Empty Re: Road Conditions WA

Post by gold n beer on Sun 08 Jan 2017, 6:24 am

Hi blocker and welcome to the forum.

i agree with what dozer has said but will add that ground clearance is very handy and decent tyres that handle the constant driving over rocks.

i personally have only used 4wd once out bush but if i didn't have it i was stuck 40k's from any help on a rarely used track.

but if i didn't have ground clearance i wouldn't have got to most of the spots i've detected at.

another thing i will add is knowing your vehicle, i see you plan on buying here then head off out bush, it can be very expensive breaking down a few hundred k's after leaving Perth, although on your 1st leg off your trip you will have towns or roadhouse's within a hour or so. but nothing ruins your trip faster then breaking down on the road or out bush and not being able to afford the repairs. i know this can happen to anyone regardless if you just purchased a vehicle or you have owned it for a long time but your chances off buying a s/handy $5k 4x4 and getting a few hundred k's out of it then start hearing the diff whine etc is greatly increased chance of happening.

if i was in your shoe's i would consider hiring a troopy or hilux , down side no resale, upside it will get you everywhere and your ar*e is covered for breakdown.

but to answer the question after rambling on 8.5

all the best mate

gold n beer
gold n beer

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Road Conditions WA Empty Re: Road Conditions WA

Post by Blocker on Sun 08 Jan 2017, 10:46 am

Thanks Gold n Beer and Dozer,

I appreciate the reply, I had a look at the option of hiring a 4x4 out of Perth but with insurance I was looking at close to $80 a day for the vehicle. If it was a 14 trip I would go that way but 90+ days it isn't really an option., which sucks because the big risk with buying something as you say is that I might just be buying something that may need thousands of dollars work after driving it 500klm and when it goes bust I could be in the middle of bumfck Egypt.

It was the reason I asked regarding 2WD, $5k can buy you a much more reliable 2WD drive vehicle for the travel I plan but would it get me off roads and into prospecting areas....If no then it was just as useless/impractical as an $80+ a day hirer 4x4.

So any body know where I can hire a nice team of camels or horses?




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Road Conditions WA Empty Re: Road Conditions WA

Post by Selfy on Thu 12 Jan 2017, 5:04 pm

when it rains (heavy) in the goldfields no body can move 4wd or not but it's not a long wait for it to dry out


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Road Conditions WA Empty Re: Road Conditions WA

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