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Post by Young Simmo on Wed 27 Jul 2016, 12:33 pm

Here's a bit of info that might help anybody in the Cue area. I picked up a couple of pieces about 20 to 25 years ago, so my measurements might be a bit sloppy.
The first one "Rams Head" (5.5 Ounces),  I found down at the Mainland. If you drive South down the Highway from Cue and a couple of Kms before Lake Austin there is a substantial dirt track off to the left. It goes down into the valley and up the hill called Mainland. At the top of the hill is a rocky ridge sticking out of the ground, and I found the Rams Head about 50 to 100 meters down from the rocky ridge.
The "Elf's Booty" (2.1 Ounces), I found down at Day Dawn. Drive down to Day Dawn and go around the right and left bends and then just past the old heap leach you cross a bit of a creek. About another Kilometer on you come to a fence. Turn right and go down the fence line  and about 100 meters before the creek system, chuck a righty and about 200 meters into the old mine workings is where I jagged the "Elf's Booty".
Interestingly the Pit you go past, is one that I put down in 1989-91 for Son's Of Gwawlia Mining. It was a 2 year Heap Leach project with a budget of 14,000 Ozs, and I poured 15,350 Ozs. They gave me a bonus for that, which was a can of coke, not even cold.
I tried to put in a photo by clicking Browse etc, but didn't work.
Young Simmo
Young Simmo

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Post by purple-dragon on Wed 27 Jul 2016, 2:55 pm

Have done a bit around mainland Simmo -nice peaceful part of the planet down there overlooking Austin-I parked my bike next to a piece of banded jasper one day which came off that ridge which had a signal in it possibly a bit of magnatite but no gold showing which I proved to myself on the next visit by smashing it up with the sledgy -but some poor bastard had lugged that rock down from that ridge the best part of two kilometers and it weighed about 10 kilos-very keen-Dragon

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