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Post by Young Simmo on Mon 25 Jul 2016, 10:11 pm

Many years ago we did a 1 month trip up from Cue to Marble Bar, to check it out. I said to Mum we'll book in for a month and if I get an oz, we'll stay a bit longer. As it turned out I found a bit over 40 grams, but we still went home. During that month we had a bit of rain which filled the creek at the front of the C/van Park, and run to about 4 or 5 feet. Fortunately it dropped in about 4 hours and we could get out again, no drama. We went for a drive out of Marble Bar and down the first road South. About 8 or 10 Kms down south we took a track into the right (West). Maybe a Km along that track we came across a young bloke, (maybe 25 year old) on his knees in a creek bed with a pair of tweezers picking things out of the wall of a creek. I stopped and went over and talked to him. He had what looked like an old Bex bottle half full of tiny pieces of gold which he was getting out of the freshly washed creek wall from last nights rain. That was probably back around 1992-3-4. So if your $7000 detector aint finding much, go back to the grass roots.
Dinkum story.
Young Simmo
Young Simmo

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