sweeping nuggets off the road

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sweeping nuggets off the road  Empty sweeping nuggets off the road

Post by shafting on Tue 23 Jun 2015, 5:42 pm

I have a tip to give out as I don't think I have enuff time in my life to visit every gold bearing mine around 'I was once reading a story about a guy who pulled up at a mine entrance to change a tyre I think, on doing so found the ground litterd with small gold that had fallen of the back of the Mine trucks as they where turning to go thru the mine gates , scratching his head he had an idea to sweep the road, so he swept the road and in doing so found ten thousands dollars worth of small gold. We'll I've been around and I found a mine a few years ago and I put this sweeping into action and well the results I'm yet to sell but there is quite a few ounces of material I think I mite match the other chap or even better it . I used my gold miner spiral wheel and over many weeks I processed all the materials down , time consuming yes but if you want gold it's out there just lying on the road. I don't no of any laws stating u can't sweep gold off the road however there is a law about touching roadside verges. culverts and drains



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