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Detecting Partner/s Empty Detecting Partner/s

Post by nugget on Tue 14 Apr 2015, 10:28 pm

Hi all
I will be doing a trip to Kalgoorlie to do some gold detecting between Widgie and Menzies areas around April 21st. Will be the first trip with the GPZ 7000 so anyone who also has one would be great even to just tag along for a day in case the thing plays up. Also to have someone to bounce various settings off as none of my mates detect or are at work enjoying the grind. Happy to team up with someone who has their own car and go in convoy. I have a 2010 Hilux and planning on camping with occasional stay in town if weather goes bad lol However none of the areas I have in mind are far from the HWY so pretty easy.
I mainly work in gold mining so will be doing all prospecting on legal leases & areas as I can't afford to have any offences with the GSDU.
Any questions or ideas send me an email,

Cheers Christian


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