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Post by Moneybox on Mon 16 Feb 2015, 1:31 pm

Today I stuffed up Embarassed

I got an early start because changing tyres always looks more difficult than it really is. I had a tubeless plug in the spare wheel that I wasn't happy with. I dragged the wheel out of the boot and undid the 24 bolts on the split rim. It all parted from the tyre easily.

I decided to put a tyre patch on the inside where the old plug was. It meant getting room on the inside to run the 5" sanding disk so I could rub the little ribs and the inside of the plug off. The beadlock was in the way so I grabbed a 200mm solid forklift tyre and slipped it inside to hold the beadlock aside while I did the job. It all went well so I wheeled the tyre back in and slipped it onto the rim. 24 nuts later it was all tightened up and inflated. Very Happy

When I wheeled it over to the roobar to attach it to the tyre rack it had an awful scraping feel to it. To start with I thought it was just the paper balance bag but then I realized it was more than that. It felt like I'd left something inside. Then it clicked, I'd left the forklift tyre inside. Luckily I found it before I mounted it on the roo bar. It might have had a bit of a balance problem. Two Tyred 490525052

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Post by purple-dragon on Mon 16 Feb 2015, 4:56 pm

I have days like that Moneybox-it means drop the tools grab a beer and mush out for a couple of hours-Dragon

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